Little Bits of Jake

Happy Black Friday Eve, y’all!

Hey, member when presidential scandals were throwing up at state dinners and blowjobs and tan suits and not literally being an accessory to murder? Yahhh I member!

It only takes about a 5-minute dive back into Twitter to remind me what absolute cancer that place is.

Not ready for this. But at least someone is.

Why can my Mac open up a 1GB Photoshop file with no hiccups but fucking Acrobat locks up with literally every click?

Six years went by so fast! Happy birthday to this gorgeous little nut.

Every time I level up I think “man I should multiclass for once” but oh those extra benefits of adding another level to my current class.

Get out there. Be heard. Show up or shut up.

Autumn full moon on my way home. My favorite time of year, without question.

“Struggle porn:” a mosochistic obsession with pushing yourself harder, listening to people tell you to work harder, and broadcasting how hard you’re working. An intriguing piece by Nat Eliason.

Aaaand my druid died. That’s the way she goes. Rolled up a fresh tiefling cleric. Hopefully this one has some more luck.

I’m only one session into playing a new D&D character, human Druid, but I already dig it. Giant badger transformation is my new shit.

Wild Thing is super-fun podcast exploring the mythology and legends behind one of the most enduring cryptids… Bigfoot. And it’s hosted by my cousin’s wife! She’s an incredible host and researcher and I can’t wait for the other episodes to post.

There was a flat-earther booth at the community Pumpkinfest this year. I should have stopped for some fresh conspiracies. But honestly, I feel bad for the booths set up next to him. Imagine trying to sell Lularoe and some dude’s yelling about how the Earth ain’t round.

Listened to the first episode of Unobscured, created and narrated by the same Aaron Mahnke of Lore, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And I hope her ordeal sparks conversations with both sons and daughters. This is what bravery looks like.

I love Austin Mann’s reviews of iPhone cameras and his iPhone XS review from Zanzibar is probably the best one, yet. Absolutely stunning what these “phone cameras” can pull off only a decade later.

iOS release days are my nerdy guilty pleasure. As a big Workflows fan, I’m looking forward to trying out Shortcuts.

Am I going to double dip and buy Diablo 3 again? Ahhhyes. Yes I am.

You could describe adulting as choosing to get out of bed on a cold, rainy day and going to work knowing full well you could simply stay in those warm sheets.

Time to go fix some things for my mother-in-law like a straight up boss. She rewards me in London broil and pie. Fair trade.

Every once in a while it pays to look up.

Did you ever see a good band live play a small venue, and then while they were playing you think to yourself they just might be the best musicians in the whole world, and only the 200 or so people in that auditorium know their secret?

One of my favorite springtime blooming trees. Flowers for what looks like miles at that angle.

This bee bud grappled with my window at 45MPH this morning and was still hanging on when I got to daycare. Respect.