Little Bits of Jake

Definitely one of those days that makes it hard to sit at a desk for 8+ hours. I’m thinking extra-long walk at lunch.

I’m feeling some prosecco tonight. Cold bubbles, yes please.

Going old-school over my lunch break with a little Tetris. Can’t believe that game is still so much fun after 30 years.

Recently discovered the seedy, gritty Hillbilly Moon Explosion… have a little taste: Love for Evermore. Emanuela Hutter’s voice is like bourbon and honey.

Opening weekend at Hersheypark. Season passes is the way to go, that way if you only make it on 4 rides, it’s fine, and you don’t feel roped into staying all day to get your money’s worth.

Good. God. Air fryer chicken wings are ridiculously easy and fast and give you that super crispy skin. A kitchen gadget that actually works.

I didn’t think about Texas Roadhouse for St. Patty’s, but a couple green beers later, it was just a good of a place as any to celebrate.

Sometimes when I’m driving past a snowy field I like to pretend the snowbanks are sugary white Gulf Coast sand dunes, and it makes me just a bit happier.

So 18 of the 19 years since 2001 have been the hottest years on record, globally, and this was mentioned … zero times? … in the State of the Union address. But oh, sure, let’s build a goddamn wall. Hope it keeps the heat tucked away down in Mexico. We’re so fucked.

I wonder how people from the 80s would feel knowing we have pocket cameras that can shoot 4K 60fps video, only to run it through an app that makes it look like shitty VHS tape.

I drove by a Dairy Queen and remembered that horrible meta-game they make their employees do where they flip Blizzards upside-down in front of customers, with dead expressions on their face, or it’s free.

Driving a Nissan Rogue for a rental car and it’s insane how much new tech is in this vs. my Mazda that’s only 6 years old. Overhead parking cameras? Wicked.

Maybe I should just resolve to no longer make resolutions. That’s one I could keep, for sure.

New Year’s Eve and someone decides to blow through a red light and smack into my car. Amazingly it wasn’t that bad, but I still have to follow up with insurance claims and get this bumper and whatever else fixed. Hope it’s not too bad.

I think I’m in agreement that iOS isn’t quite ready to be a replacement for OSX for some people. Myself included. So hello little 11” MacBook Air, goodbye iPad Pro. For now.

Happy Black Friday Eve, y’all!

Hey, member when presidential scandals were throwing up at state dinners and blowjobs and tan suits and not literally being an accessory to murder? Yahhh I member!

It only takes about a 5-minute dive back into Twitter to remind me what absolute cancer that place is.

Not ready for this. But at least someone is.

Why can my Mac open up a 1GB Photoshop file with no hiccups but fucking Acrobat locks up with literally every click?

Six years went by so fast! Happy birthday to this gorgeous little nut.

Every time I level up I think “man I should multiclass for once” but oh those extra benefits of adding another level to my current class.

Get out there. Be heard. Show up or shut up.

Autumn full moon on my way home. My favorite time of year, without question.

“Struggle porn:” a mosochistic obsession with pushing yourself harder, listening to people tell you to work harder, and broadcasting how hard you’re working. An intriguing piece by Nat Eliason.